RAMPSI Producing Training Videos at Opryland Hotel in Nashville for AACC

Ray Milograno completed seven days of location shooting at Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee this week at The American Association of Christian Counselors’ bi-annual World Conference.

The conference drew over 7,000 attendees with speakers from around the world teaching at over one-hundred breakout sessions through out the week.  RAMPSI recorded twenty-seven of the presenters teaching their material directly to the cameras.  The sessions will be incorporated into future training modules.

A large suite was transformed into a two-camera, green screen set for taping.  Panasonic P2 cameras were used with media recorded to both Blackmagic Design’s HyperDeck Shuttles and P2 media.  Because there was not enough time to transfer media off the P2 cards, the HyperDeck Shuttles were the primary recorders.  If the recordings to the Shuttles’ SSD drives proved to be good, then the P2 cards were erased and used as a safety back up for the next session.  At the end of the day, or when breaks presented themselves, the SSD drives were backed up to two identical USB 3.0 drives, which were to travel back to the client’s office via two different methods. 

Presenters were scheduled every 90 minutes from 8:00am until 6:00pm.  In that block of time, we needed to record 50 minutes of content.  The shooting was done on green screen because their session would only be one of 10-15 additional sessions recorded later and packaged as a series.  This enables each series to have its own unique background and look.  A medium-wide and close-up shot were locked down on each camera and the presenter would periodically turn between the two cameras as they gave their presentation.


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