System Integration Demos

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Custom Cherry Edit Suites for Marsh, Copsey and Associates

When Marsh, Copsey, and Associates moved into their new offices at Metro Center in Washington DC, they needed more than a computer on tabletop for an edit suite.  RAMPSI created and constructed custom edit consoles for two edit suites that held up to four positions for editors and graphic artists.



With positions facing the corners in both suites, they varied in that o

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Custom Console for the Deparment of Veteran Affairs

When the Department of Veteran Affairs moved into their new conference center in Crystal City Virginia, they needed a console for the new control room.  RAMPSI was asked to take on the project.  The console needed to bo built around existing Winsted racks that the agency owned.  Originally putty in color the racks were re-powder coated black to fit the decor of the new control room.  It was requested that the console be "strong enough to stand on" even though the span between two of the supporting racks was over 10 feet.  To do that, two uni-stru

Baghdad Studio

IRI Studio - Baghdad, Iraq

R. A. M. Production Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the design, pre-build, and installation of a digital, multi-camera production studio and post-production facility in Baghdad, Iraq.


NRCC Goes HD in its DC Studio

R. A. M. Production Services, Inc. was selected to upgrade the National Republican Congressional Committee's studio at its Washington, DC headquarters. Ray Milograno with the assistance of David Rothgeb consolidated four racks of analog equipment down to two, providing staff the ability to capture archived footage for use in current productions.