RAMPSI Completes a $900K Upgrade for a TV Station in The Middle East

RAMPSI has completed a full PAL digital upgrade at a television station in the Middle East.  The actual on-site install time was only three weeks, but the project stretched across 18 months as the job progressed from the first site visit, to initial design, budget approval, and off-site prep.

RAMPSI collaborated with Onset Systems in Israel to pre-build and prep the system.  On two occasions, Ray Milograno traveled to Tel Aviv to work with co-owners Jody Dresner and Mario Sclair as the system was being prepped. 

Once ready, the equipment was transported to Ramallah for installation where engineers Ben Johnson and David Rothgeb assisted Ray Milograno.

During the install, the station was never off the air.

The staff was thrilled with the new equipment.  Before the upgrade everything was composite or DV with no automation.  After the install, they had in place four Hitachi SDI cameras, a Ross Synergy switcher, a Miranda monitor wall, Ensemble Designs terminal equipment, 360 Replay Server, Compix CG, prompter with the capability for live roof-top broadcasts, and four complete ENG remote packages.

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