RAMPSI Builds Custom Digital Photo Booths for Verizon Road Show

Not our normal integration project, but when Ben There Media of Charlottesville, Virginia needed to provide digital photo booths for their Verizon client to take on the road for their large venue events, they called on R. A. M. Production Services, Inc. to construct two of them.

In addition to taking the attendee’s picture and providing an immediate print via the thermal printer, a connected laptop computer takes the image and adds it to the live slide show projected during the event.

The unit head incorporates a Canon T2i digital SLR, a 5x7 LCD screen and a flash system.  On the base sits a thermal printer and laptop.  Because these units are always on the road, the base is also the packing container.  When inverted, both the photo head and printer fit in padded sections of the base.  The base then sits in an Anvil type road case for shipping.  This enables all the components to arrive intact and ready for assembly at the next venue.

Ben Johnson, of Ben There Media engineered the design of the electronics and provided sketches of how the unit was to assemble.  Ray Milograno of RAMPSI took the sketches and created the functional units.  Design and construction of both units took place in less than four days in order to ship in time for the first road show.

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