New Volleyball Camera for George Mason University

Collegiate athletic rules require the home team to provide video of the volleyball match to the visiting team. George Mason University was ready to move up to something more than a consumer camera on a tripod. They purchased a robotic camera but were unable to get it installed by the vendor. RAMSPI was contacted to assist in this endeavor.

The goal was to place the camera in such a way that the coaches could aim the camera at any of three courts in the new gym, yet protect it from stray balls without obstructing the view with cages or Plexiglass that would get dirty over time. Ray Milograno, of R. A. M. Production Services, Inc. designed an adjustable Plexiglass housing to do just that. Made with a combination of ¾" and 1" thick Plexiglass to prevent breakage and/or movement of the camera when the housing is hit, the camera shoots though an unobstructed opening in the case no matter where it is aimed.

The housing and camera are mounted high behind the center court on a second floor ledge. Camera controls, monitoring and the DVD recorder are mounted in a nearby storage room in a lockable wall mount rack. An additional video feed is sent to a wall box in the gym that enables the coaches to place a large screen monitor on the floor so the camera and DVD playback can be viewed by the team during practice for training purposes.

Subsequently, RAMPSI added streaming capability to the system. New Canopus firewire converters enable portable laptop computers to receive the video and audio signal via firewire for immediate streaming on the web. 

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