Middle East Studio Moved from Town to Town

After eight months of successful work, the television facility that RAMPSI installed in the Middle East came under threat of attack.  Officials in Washington, DC took those threats seriously and so RAMPSI traveled back to the Middle East to packup the studio. 

Originally slated for a quick move within the month, the team packed everything into a 33’ Conex container.  Eighteen months later, instead of a local move, the studio was move to the other side of the country to be set-up another town.

The team was comprised of Ray Milograno and David Rothgeb.  They worked with local contractors to turn the local house into a studio by installing a lighting grid in what was the large living room, reinstalling the lighting dimmer system, and running tie lines between the edit suites and control room. 

With the help of the local staff, all the equipment from the original  studio was up and running again in under two weeks.  The only “casualty” of the move was one crushed BNC connector that was easily replaced.

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