IRI Studio - Baghdad, Iraq

R. A. M. Production Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the design, pre-build, and installation of a digital, multi-camera production studio and post-production facility in Baghdad, Iraq.

In November of 2005, R. A. M. Production Services, Inc., in association with Marsh, Copsey, and Associates of Washington, DC, worked to assemble, prep and ship multiple camera packages and portable edit systems to Baghdad. This equipment allowed MCA's principals, Tony Marsh and Lance Copsey to produce, shoot and edit on-site in the red zone. They produced fifteen 30-second TV spots and talk shows to inform the Iraqi people about the upcoming elections – all before leaving Baghdad to be home in time for Christmas.

The success of that endeavor enabled Ray Milograno of RAMPSI to take the lead in designing the digital production facility that was installed in the red-zone compound in Baghdad to support the International Republican Institute's efforts in Iraq. For three months (March – May 2006) the entire facility was designed and assembled in Fairfax, Virginia. Every cable was cut to length and labeled. Every piece of equipment was configured and tested. The entire facility was then disassembled and packed for international shipment. One interesting fact is that the entire facility was operating in PAL and running on 220 volts prior to shipment overseas.

Once on site in Baghdad, the entire facility was reassembled and functional in only 11 days. David Rothgeb of Permere Presentations traveled with Ray Milograno to assist in the installation. A 32x32 router is at the core of the facility. The studio has three Sony digital cameras, a Ross video switcher, Pixel Power CG and video prompter. Sony DVCam DSR-1800 VTRs provide roll-in and record capability. Additional feeds from edit suites are also possible through the router.

In addition to the video production equipment, RAMPSI oversaw the installation by local electricians of two Strand CD80 dimmer packs for studio lighting and 14.5KVA of battery back-up power to safeguard the facilities equipment from brown-outs and power outages until the large diesel generator could be started.

RAMPSI was able to complete the project under budget with a 12% savings on anticipated equipment costs. 

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